In Summer 2018 I worked with Bad Betty Press on the front cover designs for their first series of Bad Betty Shots, a pack of fearsome, growling mini pamphlets, each containing a single long-form poem. Small but with plenty of bite, each limited-edition Shot is a concentrated hit of the author’s voice. Series #1 features Shots from Rebecca Tamás, Iris Colomb, Katie Metcalfe and Aischa Daughtery, and were released in late September 2018.

Once again, in Summer 2019, I worked with Bad Betty Press on their second series of Bad Betty Shots. Each pamphlet contains one long poem, each one by a sharp, witty female poet. Themes this year include race, identity and women’s issues, and features work from Belinda Zhawi, Clare Pollard, Amaal Said and Zena Edwards. They were released at the end of September 2019. Please see Bad Betty’s website to purchase the pamphlets.

We are currently working on the Bad Betty Shots, Series #3, which will be released in June 2020.